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Draft AOC 2024

The main website

Priority for July 9th 2023


Practical examples

The Ballot
  • These are example of presidential ballots. Imagine that Bernie's name was not on the ballot next to his pledged delegates.

Current Status


July 9th: 25 activists across the United States.

WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram channels:

Resources needed

A Logo
  • We need a nice logo about drafting AOC. If you want to create one or make the current one better, let me know by emailing me at
Website Design

Negotiations with partners organizations

We have been sending emails to various progressives groups to join in drafting AOC for 2024. We are waiting to hear from them. We'll update this partner page with updates.


Stages of Drafting AOC

Drafting AOC will happen in several stages. Committing to a stage doesn't forces you to vote for AOC.

The first stage is identifying the various Democratic Party Selection Plans. The first started around April and ends around September 1st.
The second stage is collecting from the various Board of Elections at the State Capitol or the County Seat the required paperwork and presenting them to AOC for her signatures. Each state has different requirement.


Mainstream Media: Links to interview given by AOC on different topics.